Friday, June 8, 2012

Chelsea and Tyler's Swoon-worthy Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody!

When Meredith and I were pulling away from Chelsea and Tyler's wedding, she mentioned something about a "Celebrity Wedding" to which I responded... I could be a celebrity wedding photographer. :) It kind of felt like a celebrity wedding... maybe it was the exclusive guest list, maybe it was the black tie, maybe it was all the amazing gold and ivory wedding details, or maybe it's because our bride and groom seriously look like movie stars. Regardless, if you're a celebrity who is recently engaged, and you want fabulous portraits (because I've seen some DREADFUL celebrity wedding portraits lately), hit me up! Here's my home number: 417-437-9414. Haha... let's see who calls. :)

Okay, enough blabby... more showy.

How about sunset, backlit flowers, and a gorgeous couple showing how much they're in love. Yes, please.

Here's Mere's shot. She's magical.

So many things to love about this shot.

Okay, see what I mean by celebrity wedding couple? Have you seen two people who look more like they could be famous movies stars?

This one involved some fancy pants lighting. It was actually take about the same time the first shot (sunset/backlit flowers) was taken, but by manipulating the light I got this cool shot.

What a great one to end on... walking away with the reception setup in the background. See, I told you there would be swooning!

Talk to you soon,

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