Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exciting News: We're PREGNANT!!

Hey everybody!

I told you I had a big announcement! We're going to have a baby!! Woohooo!!! As wedding photographers, it's really a tricky thing since our schedule books up more than a year in advance. We knew that if we were going to have a baby, it better be late December through early March. Well, we suceeded! Meredith is due 5-6 weeks after our last wedding of 2012 and 6 weeks before her first wedding of 2013. God is good! He has good timing, and has blessed us bigtime!!

I'm so excited to have a baby with Meredith. I'm excited to see her face when she says her baby for the first time. She's going to be such a caring and nurturing mother.

I asked Mere and Ellie to say a couple things for the blog, and this is what I coaxed out of them.

Mere would like to say:
I'm feeling mostly fabulous and very sleepy with some crazy dreams and vomit mixed in sporadically. Praying for a healthy, extremely good-looking baby! :)

Ellie would like to say:
"I'm excited! I want it to be a girl so that I can teach it girly things like how to braid."

She also said she wanted to teach the baby to read, and promised to read a book to the baby every day. I thought that was pretty sweet!

Feel free to leave us some comment lovin' below! I know Mere LOOOOVES reading fb comments (oh, and Ellie does too!)

Talk to you soon,

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