Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mere's Boudoir Secret Session is Featured on dropitMODERN!

Hey everybody!

Mere was recently featured on the dropitMODERN blog for her super classy boudoir! Yay for her!

Here are a couple outtakes:
How do you explain boudoir and even further, your style of boudoir, to someone new to the genre?
To me, boudoir equals beautiful images of a woman in her most feminine state. I like to keep my boudoir images as classy and timeless as possible. These images are usually gifts for men, but honestly, I’m shooting for the woman. I want her to look at these pictures and realize how fabulous she is!

There is a level of taste and class in your work that exceeds most, how did you come to this?
For me, “sexy” is gorgeous and self-confident. I pride myself in keeping my work classy and tasteful. When shooting boudoir, “sexy” is a slippery slope, so I prefer to stay camped out on the classy side.

Read more of the article on the drop it modern blog!

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