Friday, July 6, 2012

Free Preview: Photo Tip of the Day: Non-Destructive Photoshop

Hey everybody!

You might have heard, I've been doing photo tips of the day for photographers and moms with cameras for a few months now and they're really helping photographers with their cameras, their business, and their Photoshop.

Today I'm going to post the Photo Tip of the Day as a freebie for y'all to see what we do each day.

Don't Be "Destructive" in Photoshop...
I've given y'all a glimpse into how paranoid and OCD I can be when it comes to photos (especially preserving them). Today's tip is yet another illustration on how one can take extra precautions (and work smarter) with their images.

In Photoshop, there are about 10 different ways to do any 1 thing. There's also a smart way and a careless way. That's what I wanna talk about. When editing photos, I learned to use levels and curves just like everybody else, but it wasn't until later that I realized if I ever wanted/needed to go back and re-edit an image that I had already altered in Photoshop I was being more and more destructive to my images (granted, I've used Photoshop since 1997, so there were some tools that didn't even exist yet). Now, I use adjustment layers to alter images, save psds, and will be set if I ever need to go back through archived images. And you should too!

Today I'm selling a vintage action that I created using adjustment layers to make an image look cool and antique-y. I know, I know... not a real word. Here's an example of the image with the vintage action applied, and here's the link to get the action for yourself:

Click me for the vintage action!


Lastly, I'd LOVE for you to sign up for the daily photo tips! We've covered things like:
When to raise your prices
3 ways to get a shallow depth of field
Using off-camera flash
Creating customer loyalty
Creative ways of using different white balances
Understanding light ratios
And lots and lots more! :)

Here's the link to the sign-up page:

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