Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jillian and John's Sweet Fayetteville Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

It was a beautiful day, and Jillian and John are such sweet people... I couldn't be more happy for them! And their day was filled with so many sweet moments. I had Lauren and Chelsey there at the wedding with me to help capture them (along with yesterday's details!). I'm honored to have such a talented team to shoot with!

Jillian was such a beautiful bride!

What I love about this picture, is even thought I'm going for her reaction, you can tell how happy John is as he's about to see his bride for the first time!

The streamers were such a cute idea (and fit their color palette!)...

This first dance shot gets me every time.  I love her reaction - you can tell that John makes her blissfully happy!

Okay... this is about to get ridiculous!  The kids at Jillian and John's wedding were a photographer's dream!  I can't take credit for these photos below... these belong to Lauren and Chelsey, and they are so precious!  My heart... seriously... melts!

Thank you, Jillian and John, for such a beautiful wedding, and for being such a sweet couple!

Talk to you soon,

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