Wednesday, August 1, 2012

101 Photo Tips for Beginning, Semi-Pro, and Pro Photographers

Hey everybody!

What began as a little hobby that I started to help out some photographers has developed into a big ol' full-fledged e-book! I now have 101 photography tips for photographers (there are some for beginning, some for intermediate, and some for advanced photographers).

I have poured my heart into this 146 pg ebook containing my 101 best tips for not only improving your photography skills, but also increasing your business. My best marketing tips and ideas, as well as some of the ways I streamline my workflow, are included as well.

You should by this book if any of the following apply:

* you want to take better pictures (improve your composition)
* you want to spend less time on your business while still making as much money
* you want to increase your client base through creative and smart marketing
* you want to see inside my photography business (best practices/procedures)
* you want to move from beginning to advanced photographer

Think of this as a cookbook for success. You don't have to read it from tip 1 to 101. Skip around and enjoy learning in the areas you feel you need the most help. The entire e-book is written in an easy-to-follow, conversational style.

Pages: 146pp
Format: pdf
Delivery: direct download
Price: $25

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