Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Art Feeds Wins a Do Something Award

Hey everybody!

Our dear friend Meg Bourne, founder of Art Feeds has won a Do Something Award! Though she didn't win the "grand prize" of 100,000 dollars from VH1, she did recieve the silver shoe trophy and 10,000 dollars to help Art Feeds reach every child in the Joplin school district. What an amazing goal for the non-profit that I'm honored to be close to!

Last night, the Do Something awards aired on VH1, and Mere and I both cried on seeing Meg's segment. I've embeded the segment below, be be warned... you might cry!

When I was flipping through the interwebs last night after the show, I thought it was so cool when I stumbled on this photo of Meg chilling with Ben Affleck, who is also such a great humanitarian (aka giver-backer) and a Do Something Award Winner.

I'm so proud of Meg, Brooke, Marissa, and all the volunteers at Art Feeds. They truly do GOOD work; they truly help the children in need. I know what those kids went through on May 22nd, 2011, and I know how the Art Feeds gang came into the schools where the kids were and earned the right to help these kiddos. Ellie, of course, is among those children not only affected by the tornado, but also helped through Art Feeds. For that reason alone, I will always be in debt to Art Feeds and will always do whatever I'm able to help it succeed.

If you're looking for a non-profit to help, either financially or by volunteering, I know they would love your support. You can give here, or get involved here. Imagine it was YOUR child being helped. Wouldn't you want to do everything you can?

Talk to you soon,

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