Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Superthoughts: Leap...

Hey everybody!

Leaving a career to set out on a new career can be really scary. I know... I've done it.

Six years ago, after teaching for the previous five (and trying to grow my photography business on the side), I was thrown into the opportunity to be a full-time photographer.

I went from one of the most secure jobs in the world (being a teacher, where I'm guaranteed a salary and could likely keep my job forever), to the exact opposite: moving my business to a new state, a new market with a new clientele, with no guarantee of ever being paid again.

Which brings us to our quote of the week... our sunday superthought... "Leap and the net will appear" first spoken by John Borroughs...

I'm going to be honest... I'm constantly paranoid that the next wedding I book could be my last. Seriously! That might sound weird to you all who have followed us for years, but it's a real fear that I have and a source of constant motivation (especially with another sweet girl on the way)!

Having faith is very hard, but the reward is so great. THAT is what this quote is about... having faith. I always knew I could succeed as a photographer because I could offer something that no other photographer could offer, but that didn't make taking the leap much easier.

Thankfully, I had a secret weapon: Meredith. I'm very thankful for the one who gave me the push I needed to make the leap.

Not only did she motivate me to jump, she has held my hand on the journey. Everybody needs someone like her.

Talk to you soon,

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