Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Harwelden Mansion Wedding of Melissa and Ben

Hey everybody!

Today and tomorrow I have a beautiful wedding at a stunning location for you to see. The location, Harwelden Mansion in Tulsa, was absolutely breathtaking - the first time we've ever shot there - tomorrow's portraits REALLY shot it off (so come back!).

Today's post is all about Melissa and Ben's details and story...

What a spot for a special first meeting! TDF!

I'm man enough to admit... I cried too.

Melissa and Ben are so cool - they asked their guests to instagram from the wedding.

Such sweet ceremony moments.  Don't you agree?

LOVE the piece she put in her hair for the reception, and here... the first dance.

To the bride and groom...

Magical ending... magical couple... magical night.

Talk to you soon,

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