Thursday, October 4, 2012

Iris' 1yr Portraits - Cutest Baby Ever (sorry all other babies!)

Hey everybody!

Two things about Iris: 1) I believe she (or actually her mom's instagram) was to blame for our baby fever, which has resulted in our current state of expecting.
2) We have a fear... not that our baby won't be as adorable as Iris... but that we will THINK she is, and everybody will look at us weird when we think our baby is as cute as this precious cherub.

We are so honored to be buddies with one of the coolest families around (hey Gills!), and that kiddo of theirs sure makes our portfolio look good! 

Now that Iris is 1ish, it was time to do another portrait session!  We went to a new location we found recently (and asked permission to use!) and let Iris be our guinea kid. :)  Here are my favorites...

Talk to you soon,

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