Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet Wedding Moments from Maura's Rustic Outdoor Wedding

Hey everybody!

Today is all about the sweet little moments that made up Maura and Mark's beautiful rusting outdoor Southern wedding.

I love two things about this shot of Maura being helped by her mother: 1) Maura is touching her mom, feeling her presence and her love; and 2) Mom was getting emotional.  It was a very sweet moment, and Meredith captured it perfectly.  I'm glad she included the touching - to me, it makes the shot!

Maura's mom wasn't the only one to shed tears of joy on this wedding day.  The bride let her emotions flow.  I love that because it showed that she was taking in and being a part of these moments as they happened to her (this can be hard, especially for wedding photographers, but Maura savored every moment.

As I was waiting for the wedding to begin, I saw this little dude staring at me like this.  I couldn't NOT take a picture of his super-cuteness. 

Maura had many special moments with her father, who was as sweet as they come.  Here they are about to head down the aisle.

I love proud papa looking at his beautiful daughter as he escorts her down the aisle.

I love this wide shot that showcases the entire scene of the wedding!

I know this looks like a portrait, but I swear it was during their ceremony!  They took a moment away from the crowd so they could be together and pray.  Aren't they pretty?

Here it is, friends.  The moment they have been waiting for for a long time: their first ever kiss as a couple!

Yay for the newly married couple!!

Talk to you soon,

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