Friday, October 26, 2012

Sweet Wedding Reception Moments from Maura's Southern Wedding

Hey everybody,

Okay, back to the story and sweet moments from Mark and Maura's wedding.  Last we left off, Mark and Maura just had their first kiss not only as husband and wife, but as a couple.  Let us continue...

Immediately following the ceremony, Maura's sweet little brother shed a few tears as he congratulated his big sis.  I love this moment so much!

We normally don't do off-the-wall wedding party shots unless the bride tells us in advance that she wants one; however, seeing how cool Maura and Mark's wedding party was, we knew they'd be up for anything we suggested! I'm glad I had my quilt with me that day...

If you're wondering what the background is, it's an amazing display created from what looks like register tape.  It was a perfect backdrop for these sweet mom and dad dances.

The dance floor was packed all night with Maura's discipleship girls - they were a party!

Don't you just love Maura's reception jewelry?! LOVE!

She and Mark had the best time!  I love the string lights and the many, many chandeliers in the background.

Another great thing about photographing a wedding photographer's wedding is that she wanted to do things that she hadn't photographed before - such a FUN idea to throw paper airplanes as they made their exit!

Talk to you soon,

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