Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dream Fayetteville Town Center Wedding Reception of Lauren and Alex Blass

Hey everybody!

I can't begin to explain my giddiness about this amazing wedding reception at the Fayetteville Town Center. I've never seen it look this amazing on such a grand scale (as in... the entire FTC was used!).  Long gorgeous tables with amazing displays of florals and candelabras, and a million other perfect wedding reception details.  Have a peek...

Jennifer at Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe has once again outdone herself.  Jaw dropping wedding cake that was not only classy and exquisite, but was delicious as always!

The team at Goddard Design Group and Bates Marketing and Events teamed up for a perfect day!

We love photographing these perfect little details before the guests arrive. Mere is the queen of wedding details!

You'll notice that the lighting was kind of amazing at the reception.  It is a bad photographer's worst nightmare, but a good photographer's dream come true.  I'm not too shy to say that I'm the latter. :)

I had a blast using the amazing reception lighting to get dreamy first dance shots!

I'm quick on my feet... er... finger... and can set my camera in milliseconds to capture moments with perfect light - not to be braggy (you know that's not me at all).

I shot this one the same way I shoot Benny Backlight shots.  Pretty clever, eh?  Haha!  I do love the feel of this first dance shot - super romantic!

Then Boom Kinetic kicked off an AMAZING party!  Seriously, they're amazing! ALWAYS a great time!

Get it, Alex! This shot makes me laught - such a fun moment when he decided to take the garter off with his teeth!

I decided to show off crazy dance shots from the reception the same way I do the details - so many fun moments!

Wiley pulled Alex up to help - it was so fun!  The groom was obviously enjoying himself!

The dancing lasted past midnight! My feet were quite tired, but I couldn't quit taking fun dancing shots!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. If you come back to the blog tomorrow, you'll see what I'm thankful for!

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