Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dream Northwest Arkansas Wedding Vendors: Also, What I'm Thankful For!

Hey everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I appreciate you stopping by the blog today, especially if you're showing it off to some relatives (and even more if said-relative is engaged!). :)

I'm thankful for my job.  I get to work with the coolest clients on the best days of their lives, and with a group of vendors that I have been lucky enough to call my friends!  At Alex and Lauren's Fayetteville Town Center reception, I got to work with not only some of the best wedding vendors in the area, but also some of the greatest people I know!  I have a good life!

First up, I have to show this RAD shot I got of the band, Boom Kinetic.  We've been shooting a lot of their weddings lately and I've become buds with them (as you'll see even farther down)...

We've also been working with Bates Events a lot lately.  They're such a great team of girls and you can always count on them to do their job flawlessly! 

Yeah... see... we're close. I'm not sure who's hand that is coming in from the side, but this was moment for me was pretty spesh.  Haha!!

When he doesn't cancel plans on my last minute (oh, burn!), Nic is one of my very best friends. If he lived in Fayetteville, we'd likely be inseparable. His love for baseball and for Seinfeld is matched only by my own.

So, I never get to see Jennifer from Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe at the actual weddings, but I always know a SLCS cake when I see one... and taste one.  She's the best at what she does (just ask Food Network!), and is one of the most genuine people Mere and I can call a friend.

Okay, so I know this is part of my business, but the Benny Booth counts as a wedding vendor, right?  Here's Lauren rocking out some fun shots with the groom and his groomsmen on our non-traditional take on the photo booth.

The Bates girls keeping it classy.  And Fun.  And Awesome.

Let's finish this how we started.  Boom Kinetic rocking the party and giving the guests an unbelievable experience is what it's all about!

We totally recommend any of these vendors for YOUR wedding day... especially Benfield Photography. Haha! 

Happy Turkey Day!  Go get stuffed!

Talk to you soon,

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