Friday, November 16, 2012

Fabulous Fayetteville Engagement Portraits of Kady and Tyler

Hey everybody!

OH.EM.GEEEE! I have the most amazing couples! Kady and Tyler are as cool and stylish as they come, and I swear if they lived in Fayetteville we'd be bffs! Kady brought a couple of ideas with her to the session, and y'all know how I love that, so we spent the session doing a little bit of my ideas, then a little bit of Kady's ideas. In both cases, she and Tyler totally rocked it out!

Kady's idea... we rocked out a few studio shots (yeah, I never do these anymore... but THIS is fabulous!)

Um... yeah.  She's stunning.

I love the look and feel of this shot!


Yummy light!  I could just eat it up!  And could this moment between Kady and Tyler be more spesh?

So, you're going to have to come back tomorrow because I have even more from this session!

Talk to you soon,

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