Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Superthoughts: Depth, Not Length - And... THE MEANING OF LIFE.

Hey everybody,

Ellie: Daddy, want to hear a joke about a buffalo?
Me: Of course I do.

Ellie: What do you call a buffalo that is out of breath?
Me: (pause)... Hmm... I don't know.

Ellie: A Huffalo.
Me: Haha!

Ellie: I just made that up!
Me: That was REALLY good!

This happened at dinner tonight (there was a buffalo) on the wall of the restaurant.

We then spent the next 20 minutes making up more buffalo jokes (I've included some of the better ones at the bottom of this post).

I've written about this topic before, but for today's superthought I want to talk about relationships.  To me, relationships are the meaning of life.  You can live to be a hundred and ten years old, but if you don't have meaningful relationships, what's the point?  Relationships with God, relationships with family, relationships with friends... these are what make life liveable, enjoyable, purposeful.

I know that telling jokes isn't "going deep" necessarily, but sitting with another person, not staring at an iPhone, and just being silly and enjoying each other's company... that's what it's all about.

Ellie might not remember tonight forever, but it's just another building block in our relationship-tower that I'm trying to turn into a skyscraper.

Talk to you soon,

More jokes:
What do you call a buffalo that needs to shave?

What do you call a buffalo that is hard to hear?

What do you call a buffalo that is no pansy?
Tuffalo (yeah, I know it should be spelled Toughalo... it's called poetic license.)

What do you call a buffalo that has met its quota?

What do you call a buffalo that is shaped like a cloud?

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