Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review: Part One - The Instagram Pics

Hey everybody!

This year has been a whirlwind! So much has changed, and Meredith, Ellie, and I are excited to see how 2013 is going to continue our adventure as a family. I like taking the last day of the year to look back on 2012 and relive some of my favorite moments, which I've listed below. Today's images are from my instagram feed. If you're on instagram, follow me here:

Also, today marks the fourth consecutive year that I've updated the blog every single day! Thanks for stopping by, following/subscribing, and supporting the blog!


I spent a lot of time at Ellie's school this year, whether it was guest-teaching her class, or making and bringing her lunch each week.

Mere and I got to go to Paris for the 4th time as a couple! She shot boudoir shots, and I got to shoot a super fabulous portrait session.  Every time we go, it's as magical as the first!

Lots of hanging out with this goober, and we went on a couple dates too...

I photographed (and shot video of) NWA Fashion Week for my sweet Riffraff friends...

Then Mere and I had more travel... taking us to Texas (Austin x2, Houston, and Dallas x6)  - we love photographing weddings in Texas, and are excited that 2013 already has some TX weddings on the books!

We also got to spend a week in Punta Cana, where we shot our sweet friends, Katya and Rob for their wedding (we actually shot a day after session of them underwater, which I'll show ya tomorrow!).

Family vacation, where I actually did ZERO work (I was amazed)... besides the blog of course... took place at the beach where Ellie enjoyed the water but not the seafood.

While we were on family vacation, Mere got sick, which led us to believe we were going to have a baby.  We were right!!  An in-home ultrasound showed us we were having a baby girl!!  I made her a onesie of her monogram. :)  Crafty?  I try.

We already booked our trip to Excellence Playa Mujeres with our friends from Riffraff before we found out we were pregnant - poor Mere didn't get to take advantage of the all-inclusiveness, but we still had a blast while she consumed mock-tails (don't feel too badly, we booked a wedding there for 2013, so she'll get a chance to redeem herself). Btw, it was weird celebrating July 4th in Mexico, but strangely... it wasn't our first time.

When Ellie's birthday rolled around, we scheduled a fun trip to St. Louis, where we watched the Cubs/Cards, had a spa day at the Four Seasons, and rode in a helicopter!

In August we attended Fashion market (Magic and Project) in Las Vegas with our Riffraff friends, checking out the upcoming styles while eating yummy food.

For Halloween, I thought I'd be one of my favorite chefs, Michael Symon.  The pic on the right is me ready for a wedding.  I don't always dress so dapper, but it was kind of a fancy ordeal and I didn't want to stick out in a bad way.  Oh, I also learned to tie bow-ties, which helped me tie grooms' bow-ties later in the year.

And of course, I have to include some of my favorite meals that I made this year.  I started having dinner parties for my friends every two weeks, but more importantly I got to cook for my sweet wife (who is growing a human, which I hear is VERY tiring!).  Crown roasts, standing rib roasts, lobster, beignets, and my piece de resistance: Beef Wellington (step aside, Gordon Ramsay!).

And most recently, now that Mere is 9 months pregnant, her complications have become a little scary, and we've had some overnights in the hospital. However, our latest ultrasound showed us that Cece is going to have Mere's good looks, so I'm over the moon!

Below are some other fun pics from 2012.  Mere, Ellie, and I wish you the very best in 2013!!

Talk to you soon,

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