Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World Renunion Tonight: The Rowskabouts

Hey everybody!

If the Mayan's are right, the world will end sometime today.  A few years ago, my high school / college ska band, The Rowskabouts, planned to play one last show as the world was ending... so we're playing tonight at Kitchen Pass in Joplin! The doors open at 8, and the show is only $5.  There is only one or two ways I could better think to go out if the world is ending...

From the bowels of middle America, sucked by the teet of small town boredom, a lost double dare, a failed attempt at the “knifey knife” record; out of necessity, The Rowskabouts--second best band of all time--was born. The year was 1995.
After a full 18 years of playing the same 20 songs, this collective of stereotypes have whittled down their sonic array to include only the most meditative melodies, precise poly-rhythms, and level headed lyrics. Along with the relevant display of fantastic horn lines, the rhythm section makes this group almost unbeatable. Almost. With smooth classic tunes such as “Mohaska,” “Proctoral,” and “Hookey Schnacky,” this ensemble will literally have you begging for more.
For the best End of the World party you could ever experience (with one possible exception) make sure to stop by and experience the nearly amazing Rowskabouts. They will be performing just before the End of the World on December 21, 2012 at the Kitchen Pass in Joplin. The show starts at 8PM and ends when it ends, if you know what I mean. Your $5 admission fee will be returned if the world does in fact end.

Talk to you soon,

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