Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve! (and a Mere and Cece update)

Hey everybody,

This is a very special Christmas. It's definitely been a weird couple months, and a rough week. Because of our hospital visits, Christmas came way too soon - not a present has been wrapped (we've already exchanged gifts), and I cut my Christmas menu to one item at each family meal, but none of that really matters.

This Christmas, it has truly been about spending much needed quality time with our families. They've supported us a lot lately - we're normally pretty low-maintainance - so Meredith and I are really appreciative of our family and friends who have made us feel so loved during this difficult week.

Here are my sweet nieces, shot by Meredith a few weeks ago... doesn't it just put you in the Christmas spirit?

Fyi... an update on Mere... we sweet talked Abby into letting us go home, and Mere is on super strict bed rest. We've been monitoring her blood pressure and headaches, and she's in pretty good spirits. I'm so glad she's able to be home (at her parents' house in Joplin) instead of the hospital for Christmas. We'll be heading back to the hospital tomorrow so Abby can check Mere's (and Cece's) status - hopefully it will all be good news and we can keep Cece cooking for a bit longer. Mere will be staying at her parents' (bed rest) until the baby comes (which makes me thankful for housesitters, as I will be back and forth between Joplin and Fayetteville until the baby comes - there's still a lot to do at home... we thought we had a month left!
Okay, enough blabbing for now, right? Merry Christmas Eve!

Talk to you soon,

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