Saturday, December 1, 2012

Keely's Northwest Arkansas Senior Session

Hi friends! Lauren here!

A few weeks ago I had a senior session with my good friend Keely! She's not our typical senior since she is a soon-to-be college graduate! She told me she never had any senior photos taken in high school and that this time she didn't want to miss out. Graduating college is a much bigger accomplishment and definitely deserves some fancy photos! She of course rocked the shoot and made it a ton of fun.

While taking pics, and chatting it up with Keely of course, I tripped... and full fledged fell on my back. Arms and legs were flailing the whole way to the ground. Despite my embarrassment, it helped make for some great pics! All I had to do was mention it and we both were cracking up!

Check out her fab photos...

~ Lauren

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