Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prayer Request for Mere and Cece

Not my usual post...

Yesterday morning around 4am, Mere scared the crap out of me.

We were lying in bed, and she woke me up by saying:

Mere: Hey. Can you look at me?

Me: (shifting and flopping over, I thought she was making a joke by having something on her face that I couldn't quite make out, but resembled a Gonzo nose)... yeah, what's that?

Mere: I have an ice bag on my head to help my headache. Can you focus for a sec?

Me: yes.

Mere: I don't want to have a seizure but my head really hurts. I probably won't, but I feel like I have to tell you because I don't want the baby to die in case I do. Will you just watch me for a little bit?

Me: (eyes shoot open)


Wait, let me back up a bit. Last week we smashed our car into Bambi's huge older brother, and since then Mere's blood pressure has been dangerously high - and she's had great blood pressure her entire pregnancy. We've been to the doctor (Abby) every day this week for tests (tested for Preeclampsia) and as soon as we figure something out, something else happens. It's been a very roller-coaster-y week for my emotions and Mere's health.

I'm writing this from the hospital, where I'm staying the night again (we did this a few weeks ago too, when Mere passed two big ol' kidney stones - poor girl). Abby says we might have to induce labor if Meredith's blood pressure doesn't get under control, and already said the baby will definitely be coming before our original January 22nd due date. If the baby is induced soon, it's not good news (Cece still has a month left before she's supposed to make her debut), so Abby is keeping us here to monitor Mere and the baby -- to keep Cece developing as much as possible before she comes out.

If you know me personally, you know I don't scare easily, and I'm always one to believe that everything typically works out, but I'm a little scared. Tonight Mere and I were lying here figuring out an updated plan for Christmas and we both hear over the intercom in the hallways: "attention: code blue. 256. attention: code blue. 256. attention: code blue. 256." It's haunting and sad and terrifying -- a very real reminder that it doesn't always work out the way I expect it, and that sometimes it comes time to ask our friends to pray.

So, will you please pray that Cece is able to safely stay inside for at least another week? Every single day helps her little lungs develop.

Thanks friends!

P.S.Here we are in our respective positions...

Mere looks adorable, even when she's all sick and stuff.

Here's my mobile office. Haha... btw, I'm thankful for hospital internet, even if it is as slow as frozen molasses.


  1. Praying! Sending healing thoughts tot Mere and Cece.

  2. Prayers and love for the three of you!
    ~Piper and Brayden

  3. Praying & believing that everything will be all right! God will take care of you all!!

  4. I'm praying so hard for you guys! I'm believing that the Lord will take care of Mere and baby Cece!!

  5. Dearest Dale,Mere,and CeCe,
    Well its deffently hard,I have been in your shoes. Our littlest boy was born two months early. My water broke and I was hopitalized for two weeks before they took our son by C section. The doctors are wonderful when it comes to babies and momma's.I was so worried about him being born to soon and his lungs. We prayed every day,and just asked God to do his part. Lochlan our sin was born Weighing 4 lbs 13 oz and si healthy. Lungs and all. At two months early God knew he would be ok. I am praying for you all,and that you stay strong and know that God is working at his best for you Mere,and He will see that you all are safe and well. I know it's tough, and scary, just keep your faith. God bless you all.

  6. Much love, thoughts and prayers coming your way. Hang in there, all of you!

  7. Strangest thing...I was about to go to bed and some reason you all popped in my head. I've been away from facebook for over almost a year now so I've been out of the loop. So I googled your blog and just saw your post. Wishing you all the best and praying for you all!!!


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