Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cece's Nursery! Superthought: SHINE BRIGHT!

Hey everybody!

I know most parents show off their kiddo's nursery before they have the baby, but some wrenches got thrown into that plan! I'm happy to share a beautiful nursery nevertheless... special thanks to Kirsten Blowers (our BFF and owner of Riffraff in Fayetteville). She totally did it all - planning, designing, and executing - and it looks so great! I couldn't be happier! Oh, and more props to Chelsey (Benfield Photography AND Riffraff employee) for painting the Shine Bright on the wall!

Shine Bright - our superthought for this Sunday - I've already discussed how we should shine in this post, but it warrants revisiting. We have the power every time we interact with another person to make that interaction a positive one or a negative one. I want to be the person (and I want Cece to be the person) who shines brightly so as to pick others up. There is another quote about how no darkness can escape the light of a single candle, and it's my wish: that Cece will be that light to her friends, family, and anyone else she interacts with throughout her life.

Talk to you soon,

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  1. So beautiful! What a peaceful and cozy space and will easily transition into a "big girl" room as she grows. Love it!-Whitney Myers

  2. What a gorgeous nursery! What color is that on the walls?


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