Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Superthoughts: Calling Off Today

Hey everybody!

I've forgotten how FUN it was being a Dada to a newborn (Ellie is EIGHT, believe it or not, so it's been awhile since newborn noises filled our house!)

I'm finding that having sweet little Cece around is SO fun. I'm thankful that she is such a good baby, as Ellie was, and I'm spending a lot of time just enjoying her company... her funny faces, her silly sounds, and our tummy-to-tummy time.

Because I love snuggling with my beh-beh like cray-cray, I'm thankful for the wedding break we've scheduled off for ourselves. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE photographing weddings, but I know I'd regret all this cuddle time with Cutie if I scheduled weddings in January and February.

So, forgive me if I take a few extra hours getting back to emails (I still get back to you before I head to bed)... I'm busy calling off the day to be with my precious girl!

Talk to you soon,

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