Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Not to Wear {for engagement sessions}

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We constantly get clients who are nervous for their photo shoots. For the brides it is often because they can't figure out what to wear. A few days before the shoot we have our brides text us photos of what they and their future hubby will be wearing. We tell them to pick three outfits. We usually say go with one casual, one date night, and one a bit more dressy. Brides often put together more than three outfits and then let us choose. Which we are totally okay with! However, here's a few "What Not to Wear" suggestions for a bride that's panicking over what to wear! 

1. Writing

For engagement shoots we are trying to capture you and your sweetheart of a fiance. We are not trying to make an ad for a clothing company or draw attention away from you two as a couple. So, try and stay away from blouses or t-shirts that have bold writing on them.

2. Too Many Neutrals

Neutrals can be gorgeous and can help make sure your clothes aren't stealing the show. Although, a pop of color can add an edgy or fun feel to the shoot. Be sure to switch up your outfits. If you have a fairly neutral outfit make sure the others have some color. This way you get a variety of shots and outfits.

3. Clothes That Don't Fit

The most gorgeous outfit can be completely ruined if it is a terrible fit. This goes for people of all sizes. Quick alterations can be inexpensive and be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

4. Too Much

Don't get me wrong we love fashion and new upcoming trends. That being said, remember not to over do it. Don't let your outfit be too distracting. Sometimes an outfit can be all people see when they look at your engagement photos. It's sometimes good to have one classic outfit. Trends fade and in twenty years when your kids look through your old photos you might not be so fond of the outfits you chose.

5. Clashing Colors

Having trouble figuring out which colors look best together? There are some awesome new pairings out there but it never hurts to go back to the basics and check a color wheel online. On a color wheel, complimentary colors are always directly across from each other. For example, yellow and violet or blue and orange.

6. Clothes That Aren't You

This one's pretty simple. Like I said earlier we are trying to capture you and your fiance. That means you personality not the personality of your mom who is pressuring you into wearing something or the personality of a model from Vogue in a crazy fashionista dress with a ton of make up. Fashion can be a great tool for self expression. So express away! But... don't be someone you aren't. The couples that look the best in their photos are the ones that are comfortable and confident. Who is comfortable and confident when they are pretending to be someone they aren't? We give you the casual, date night, and dressy ideas so that you can have a variety of photos. If you aren't one for dressing up or your most casual outfit consists of glitter and heels that's cool with us!

Talk to you later!

~ Lauren

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