Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Featured on MpixPro's Blog! Yay!

Hey everybody!

I love my lab... I've said it a million times! Miller's and MpixPro (and Mpix for amateurs and hobbyists) do a really amazing job of printing great quality pictures that are inexpensive and fast!
I also love them because to me, they are local! Yep, the biggest, best lab in the US is just a short drive in my car, and I've been to the lab many times to see their production and get to know their staff (they really are the best!). The family owned company is definitely one to admire, and if you're looking for a great place to have images printed, they are definitely the lab for you!

And look, they love me too! Or, they love how pretty my brides are...haha! Their recent email (and blog post) featured Benfield Photography images. Photographers, click on the image to read some of MpixPro's photographer tips for weddings.

Oh, and Benny Brides... want one of these products? Send me a message! We have lots of products that we don't blab about (though... maybe we should?)

Talk to you soon,

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