Tuesday, April 30, 2013

St. Catherine's at Bell Gable Wedding of Ashley and Matt

Hey everybody!

When it comes to outdoor Southern weddings, I don't know if there is a more beautiful little chapel than St. Catherine's at Bell Gable. And when it comes to Southern brides, I don't know if there is a more genuinely kind and beautiful bride than Ashley. And well... those go together like a photographer's perfect dream.

The wedding at St. Catherine's was filled with beautiful details. From the bride's amazing dress...

...to the flower girls' steal-your-heart fluffy numbers... (I LOVE this image!)

... to everything in between... I was surrounded by beautiful things all day long.

One of my favorite memories from the day is when Matt and I tag-teamed his bowtie. It was a straight bowtie, which I hadn't tied before, but it turned out to be pretty much the same, but there was panick in my eyes nonetheless. As soon as he started with the first couple steps, I was able to coach and manipulate the neckpiece into a passable state (by Ashley's impeccable standards for fashion).

Our bride and groom wanted to wait to see each other when she walked down the aisle, so I put myself in a position to get his reaction as she walked gracefully with her brother as her escort. I love the expression on Matt's face. It is equal parts excited, happy, and choked up.

As our couple was exchanging vows, I wanted to get a shot that also included the bridesmaids' dresses. Notice they are in complimentary shades of pink... (brides, take a page from Ashley's book... your bridesmaid dresses don't have to be the same!).

Such a gorgeous place to have your first kiss as husband and wife, wouldn't you agree?

Yay for the happy couple! I love that bouquet (from Jules Design in Fayetteville) too. Notice, like the bridesmaid dresses, the various shades of pinks? Perfection!

Believe it or not... this isn't a wedding portrait. No, really! After the bride and groom came up the aisle, they walked over and had a really special moment with each other that I was able to capture. Portraits are coming, promise!

Tomorrow I'm going to share their reception with y'all. You won't want to miss it! The Garden Room on Dickson looked breathtaking, and Ashley and Matt had some pretty special moments I can't wait to show you!

Talk to you soon,

Monday, April 29, 2013

Crescent Hotel Bridal Portraits of Ashley Smith Milliren

Hey everybody!

My oh my... my heart is racing... I FINALLY get to share these beautiful bridal portraits with you! Ashley wanted a unique and couture feel to her bridal portrait session and chose a great location: the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs! I brought my lighting equipment for some extra drama (brides... I do this only a few times of year; it's a lot more work and time, but it's a great add-on to a package - if you're interested in our couture bridals, let me know!).

We're going to share Ashley and Matt's wedding and reception with y'all this week. I really think you'll want to come back each day, especially if you're planning your own wedding in the next year or two! She had lovely details, great locations, and breathtaking portraits!

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kirstie and Michael's Fayetteville Nature Engagement Portrait Session

Hey everybody!

When I was a journalism and comm arts teacher at Joplin High School, I spent too much time chatting away with Mary at the front desk. She always was so entertaining, and was as sweet and funny a person as you'd ever meet. It was also this time when I met and photographed Kirstie for her senior portraits. I could tell right away that she was just as entertaining! Not only did she take me out on an adventure for that shoot, she kept me laughing the entire time.

Well, the same was true with Kirstie's engagement portraits. An adventure was definitely had by all, as we hiked around the U of A campus, and then around Lake Wedington, and she definitely kept us laughing... and I tried to reciprocate! Of course, it's easy to get Kirstie to laugh, which is probably one of the million reasons Michael adores her!

Take a look at some of my favorite engagement portraits from their session...

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Emily & Matt's Van Buren Engagement Session

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to finally show you these! Emily and I had scheduled and rescheduled their portrait session thanks to rain and travel plans! At sunrise (yes I meant to say sunrise) last weekend we finally made it happen! So, with an extra large cup of coffee I drove out to an absolutely gorgeous farm in Van Buren and it ended up being the perfect spot for photos. Check out the result...

~ Lauren

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lauren Featured in Weddings In Arkansas Magazine

Hey everybody!

Before the new issue of Weddings In Arkansas comes out (with another Benfield Photography wedding featured), we remembered we needed to post our features from the current issue. I was honored when they chose TWO of my weddings to put in their beautiful magazine!

Have a happy weekend,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jade and Jon's Fort Smith Engagement Session

Hey everybody!

Jade and Jon are planning a gorgeous wedding on their land near Fort Smith, Arkansas for the Fall! Their land is amazing, so we thought there was no better place to photograph the majority of their engagement pictures! I even donned a pair of fishing boots so I could wade into the pond for some shots! I should have taken a shoe pic of my silliness for you. Next time!

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Benny Backlight Wedding Portraits of Paige and Brian

Hey everybody!

I was lucky enough to get two mini portrait sessions with Paige and Brian on their wedding day. The first was after their special first look, where I got the first image below. The tulips were in full bloom on her wedding day (what a dream!), and the color is just to die for! Have a look at this classic and timeless portrait of our couple...

Then, I shot a similar shot later as the sun was setting (yay! my favorite time of day!) so we were able to get a gorgeous Benny Backlight shot. When I mentioned it during the session, Paige heard me and said, "Oh! I LOVE Benny backlight!" Such a sweetheart!

The Little Rock Country Club really is a gorgeous venue for wedding, receptions, and portraits!

My super-fave from the day. 1 part Benny Backlight + 1 gorgeous bride + 1 special moment = 1 perfect image!

Thanks to Paige and Brian, and to one of the best mother of the brides I've ever met. Meredith, Lauren, and I had a great experience working with and getting to know you!  Hugs!

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Rock Country Club Wedding Reception of Paige and Brian

Hey everybody!

I love photographing at the Little Rock Country Club! The venue is absolutely gorgeous for weddings and receptions, as you'll see below...

Tanarah blew us away, as she usually does, with her gorgeous luxe florals! 

Such a sweet first dance moment...

This one too!  Remember I told you yesterday they were smiling and giggling all day...

Chi-O time! I think I have all the Chi-O songs memorized.  Chi-O till I die-o.  Jk, jk.

I've been shooting weddings since 1998, and this is a new one.  But FUN one! The bride and groom led their guests around the reception with Mr/Mrs umbrellas in the biggest party line I've ever seen!

Paige has a gift: she makes everyone around her have a good time!  Here she is with her groom and his father (Kevin White, for those Duke fans out there!) is a double dance that the crowd loved.

Paige lived on the dance floor - we love when our brides love to Dance (mostly because I love to dance and it's the perfect excuse to be out on the dancefloor... oh, and it makes for great images).  And do you spy our Looney little bridesmaid?

And finally...

One of my all-time favorite leave shots - the lighting here is perfection.

Some gorgeous couple portraits are hitting the blog tomorrow. Get excited!

Talk to you soon,

Ice Skating with Cece!

Hey everybody! It's always a crap shoot when we decide to do something with Cece that she has never done before. Diagnosed with ASD...