Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Rock Country Club Wedding Reception of Paige and Brian

Hey everybody!

I love photographing at the Little Rock Country Club! The venue is absolutely gorgeous for weddings and receptions, as you'll see below...

Tanarah blew us away, as she usually does, with her gorgeous luxe florals! 

Such a sweet first dance moment...

This one too!  Remember I told you yesterday they were smiling and giggling all day...

Chi-O time! I think I have all the Chi-O songs memorized.  Chi-O till I die-o.  Jk, jk.

I've been shooting weddings since 1998, and this is a new one.  But FUN one! The bride and groom led their guests around the reception with Mr/Mrs umbrellas in the biggest party line I've ever seen!

Paige has a gift: she makes everyone around her have a good time!  Here she is with her groom and his father (Kevin White, for those Duke fans out there!) is a double dance that the crowd loved.

Paige lived on the dance floor - we love when our brides love to Dance (mostly because I love to dance and it's the perfect excuse to be out on the dancefloor... oh, and it makes for great images).  And do you spy our Looney little bridesmaid?

And finally...

One of my all-time favorite leave shots - the lighting here is perfection.

Some gorgeous couple portraits are hitting the blog tomorrow. Get excited!

Talk to you soon,

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