Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Man I Admire

Hey everybody!

When I started Benfield Photography back in 1998, I had a LOT of help from my dad. Not only did he give me my first camera, he encouraged me to be a photographer and supported my business. There were countless times he would guide me in my photography, lift me up and share my work with others, and lend some much needed sharp business advice in the early days of my business. There's no doubt Benfield Photography would not be where it is without Dale Benfield, Sr... my dad.

If he had his way, Dad wouldn't allow me to post this. Always shying away from the limelight, he takes delight in allowing others he helps have the success and glory. He's what I call a silent giver. You might not even realize he is helping you out until you look back at all the times he set you up for success. The Silent Giver also gave me my work ethic. Dad is the most dedicated worker I've ever known, and I treasure how his work ethic is instilled in me. It's one of my greatest qualities (besides my crazy good looks and amazing sense of humor, which I also share with him). Seriously, he taught me that there is pride in doing a job perfectly day in and day out without relent. There's no doubt that I would not be where I am without Dale Benfield, Sr... my dad.

Love you, Pops!

Talk to you soon,

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