Friday, July 5, 2013

Mallory and Jake's Monroe, LA, Wedding

Hey everybody!

I love a good sweet Southern wedding! Mallory and Jake are sweet, and their Southern wedding was so charming and filled with heartfelt moments.  Weddings like this never get old to me, and I am very thankful for brides like Mallory and grooms like Jake.

So, I did NOT know that the groomsmen were going to wear seersucker suits (though again, we were in the South!), but I donned my own seersucker and blended right in.  I even wore funky socks, as I always do to weddings, so I was pretty much part of the wedding party. Haha!  I'm the one with the neon shoestrings. :)

Mallory had quite the hand in her wedding details, designing these centerpieces...

Since I know you'll probably ask, I took this little bit from Mallory's Facebook page: "For all of those who keep asking about my wedding gown, it is NOT designer unless you consider ME a designer! My wedding gown was my mother's gown from 1980!! YES, 1980!! Very honored to have worn Melanie Landers Machnik's gown!"

It IS a jaw-dropping wedding dress!

Brides... if you're close to your daddy, do me a favor and have me photograph your wedding!  I am so in love with daddy/daughter moments (I have two daughters myself, 8 and 6mo, and constantly think about each of my daughter's wedding days.  I think I'll be as emotional as the sweet poppa below.

This church was SO charming!  Have I mentioned today how much I love southern weddings?

If Mallory wasn't shedding sweet emotional tears, she was smiling and laughing.  She really spent the day soaking it in!!

And now, just a little sneak peek of tomorrow's post - yes, even more fabulous wedding portraits! Yay!!

Talk to you soon,

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