Saturday, August 10, 2013

Benfield Family Vacation: Hollywood!

Hey everybody!

Ellie turned 9 recently and as her main present, I told her she could pick a place in the US she wanted to take a trip to, and she chose Hollywood! So, off we went on a fun little California adventure as a family.

Let me just say, it's weird to take a trip for personal reasons instead of business. I'm always traveling for business (did you see our new travel page on our website?!), but I totally enjoyed it!

It was LA Food week, so we enjoyed some amazing meals (for more of those, check out my instagram feed - I met one of the most famous chefs in the world!); Here we have a little Gordon Ramsay at the London.  The signature Beef Wellington was all we had hoped for! And the sticky toffee pudding was insane.

We of course stayed at the W Hollywood (and the W San Diego).  We love being platinum members - we got a ridiculous upgrade (again, on my instagram!)

Cece loved her Shamu hat... we made a little day trip out of San Diego's Seaworld and Zoo.

Ellie took the next few pics.  Don't we look a bit lost here??? Haha!

One of my new favorite pics of me and Cece... taken by Ellie.

Another amazing Ellie shot of Cece and me.  That girl!

We relaxed and swam at the rooftop pool of the W Hollywood a couple days.  Cece and Ellie both love the water... and each other.

This was at the Santa Monica Pier, where Cece was introduced to the ocean.

She didn't hate it!

Of course, Ellie's like a fish so she loved it.

These two... crazy for each other, that's for sure!

So, we loved our week in LA. Well, driving aside.  I'm not going to lie... I don't know how everyone in LA doesn't go crazy with their terrible traffic.  I could never live there... unless I had a private helicopter to tote me around.  But the food was amazing, the sites were gorgeous, and we had such a nice bonding time!

Talk to you soon,

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