Saturday, August 17, 2013

St. Louis Wedding Portraits of Lauren and Trent

Hey everybody!

As a wedding photographer, Trent knows the value in scheduling time on the wedding day for portraits of the couple. He scheduled a lot of time for us, more than what we're used to! I was so happy! We got to relax and just do our thing!
Here's a portrait at the church taken one minute or so after they kissed and walked back up the aisle.

Then, Trent took us over to the Wash U campus for wedding portraits. It was so beautiful there, and the 80 degree, early August day was most welcome! I love this shot of the couple. I love when a couple is just themselves in front of our lenses... it allows us to capture their true selves as a couple.

Then we all hung out under her veil for a bit. Hahaha! 

Gah! Isn't Lauren BEE-YOU-TI-FULL or what?!!

One a side note... I love that Trent had a little scruff on the wedding day!  That was GREAT PLANNING on his part.  Grooms: take note!!

Well, I'm having too much fun sharing these, so tomorrow... there will be more!

Talk to you soon,

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