Friday, August 23, 2013

Why Pinterest is Bad for NWA Brides

Hey everybody!

From time to time, I have something important to say (believe it or not)... now is one of those times.

Over the past two weeks I've had to turn away 10 Arkansas brides because we weren't available for their date. Double SADFACE! Here's the problem: with Pinterest, brides are planning their dream wedding more and more in advance, and they aren't afraid to ask us to come to them to photograph their wedding no matter where they live. Our wedding photography business, which used to primarily shoot NW Arkansas and Little Rock, has expanded to all over the country because we are ALL OVER PINTEREST! (yay!) Obviously, I can only be in one place a day, so it only takes one bride -- from anywhere in the U.S. -- to steal a date away from an Arkansas bride.

Spring/summer for Benfield Photography looks like this (in this order):
Los Angeles,
Hot Springs,
Little Rock,
Savannah GA,
Kansas City,
Houston TX.

And we're already booked up for October 2014 for those Pinterest brides who are really planning ahead!

The moral of this story isn't to book us before you get engaged (though, it happens more than you think!), it's to book us AS SOON AS you get engaged... yes, maybe even before the venue! If you're like me, pictures are... like... the NUMBER ONE thing! I'd rather have amazing pictures and not have my number one choice of date (what's a date, anyway???), or location (good photography can elevate locations!), rather than a great place and a 2nd or 3rd rate photographer. Agree? 

Okay... off my soapbox now. Love ya, mean it!

Talk to you soon,

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