Saturday, September 7, 2013

3 Million Hits! I'm a nerd, and thank you!

Hey everybody!

I was just looking over our web statistics (as I often do) because I'm a total nerd about things like that. I've said this before on the blog... I am humbled and so thankful that this little baby blog of mine has grown into such a great way to connect with y'all! When I started it a bazillion years ago, and even when I decided I was going to blog every single day (aka Dec 31 2008), I swore the only people who read the blog were my family, and me.

Well, I suppose it's more than that now. I'm really thankful for you. Whether you bookmark us and come back every day, subscribe and get this in your inbox, or even if this is your first time on the blog. I'm touched you're here. And even more, I'm touched that so many people share this blog with their friends and family (especially the newly-engaged family and friends... haha!).

Seriously, thank you!

Talk to you soon,

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