Saturday, September 21, 2013

Carthage Outdoor Wedding of Natalie and Mike

Hey everybody!

Natalie and Mike were married over a year ago, but after a year-long deployment for Mike, the couple wanted to have a big party to celebrate their marriage with family and friends at Natalie's parents' home in Carthage, MO.

Natalie and Mike met on a road trip... in separate cars!  It's such a fun story... they were passing each other back and forth and at a toll booth, he asked her for her number!  How fun is that? {that's the short story... Mike is pretty good at telling the full version, as I found out when I took them to dinner to discuss their wedding.}

At dinner with them, Mike told me he didn't like pictures of the couple that chopped off their heads... he's from California, and that's a pretty popular Cali-photog shot.  So, what do I do?  Chop off their heads, of course.  Haha! When I shot this, I was secretly having a little fun, but as it turns out... I love this shot!

Natalie and Mike still wanted to have a small ceremony with their family and friends, so they recited some really sweet self-written vows.

And planted a dogwood in the really sweet ceremony...

OMG... these kiddos!  Adore!

The couple choreographed a really sweet first dance!

You know how daddy-daughter moments get me!

Come back tomorrow for a few more of my favorite portraits!

Talk to you soon,

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