Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pratt Place Wedding Reception of Whitney and DJ

Hey everybody!

Whitney and DJ's reception at Pratt Place Barn was like no other reception I've photographed there.  The mirrored table runners and crystal was so elegant, and her chargers were to die for!  Here's a shot of what I'm talking about...

I'm a sucker for long tables. I had them at my wedding reception in Florence, Italy, and Whitney put them to perfect use here.  This is now one of my all-time favorite Pratt Place Barn wedding shots...

As I was shooting details of the reception inside Pratt Place Barn, I heard murmur of a gorgeous sunsetty sky outside.  I popped my head out and gasped as I grabbed our couple and told them I needed them for "literally 30 seconds" as I shot them against it.  I die.

Seriously, folks. The sky is total madness.

Don't you just LOVE this set up? Long tables for the win!!

Remember the balloons from yesterday? They were re-purposed to perfection affixed to the chairs of the bride and groom.

After a tasty dinner, it was time to do some dancing.  DJ and Whitney were adorable during their first dance as husband and wife.

Heads up!

I love the kids in this picture... especially the one who is getting a lesson in garter removal. :)

Not really sure why I'm throwing this one in there. Nothing special about it except that Mere and I always forget to take our own picture. Nic from NILO thought a photo bomb was in order.

Oh hey... let's play a little air guitar, shall we?  S'cute!!

I'm including multiple going-away shots today because I have a major case of the indecisions.  That's a thing, right? Well anyway, here's Meredith's pretty little shot.

And I decided to go artsy and get a silhouette shot.  Kinda love it.

This last shot was Whitney's idea, and my execution.  So fun, right? So fun.

Okay... portraits are coming up.  And trust me... you'll wanna see these!!

Talk to you soon,

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