Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Proud Dada... Ellie's Big News

Hey everybody!

I told you recently how Ellie started 3rd grade. In Joplin, third graders can be tested to see if they qualify for the gifted program, and Ellie's teacher recommended her to be tested. After having a meeting with the test administrator, the gifted teacher, and Ellie's counselor, they thought that Ellie should be tested (yay!). So, the first part was an IQ test; the test administrator said she'd need to score 125 or above on it to qualify for the second part of the test, which was a performance based test. Though we haven't received her scores yet, we know that she did well enough on the IQ to take the performance based test, and we found out today that she did well enough on that to be admitted into the program! (double yay!) She probably didn't use terms like "double yay" on her test. Haha!
I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding IQ tests (especially for kiddos), and also surrounding gifted programs in general; however, I get to be a proud dad knowing that her teacher believed in her enough to take the test, and for my daughter who not only is a good student and hard worker, but a good test taker! I am constantly amazed by my sweet Ellie, especially now that I get to see her as a big sister to Cece. Though positive things are always happening in her life, she never expects them and is always grateful and surprised when they do. She is such a sweet soul and I'm honored to be her dad.

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