Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Photographers Never Have Good Shots of Themselves, or Cece + Daddy (at 8 months)

Hey everybody!
Being a photographer, it's so hard to have good shots of yourself... for two reasons: 1) you give all the "good light" slots to your clients, and 2) who's going to take them?

With our style of shooting, we can't take too many clients per day because our style has a unique look that we've worked on perfecting for years, and you can only get that if situations A, B, C, and D are correct (like I'd tell you! haha!). Anyway, that boils down to a difficult choice: either we have pretty pictures of our clients (who pay the bills), or pretty pictures of ourselves (which does NOT pay the bills).

Secondly, who's going to take the pics? I can't hold out the camera selfie-style and take pics like I have of my clients, so it definitely won't be my particular style. I could throw the camera on a tripod and use the self timer or even a remote shutter, but it's never easy to plan what is going to happen with a little baby 10 seconds from the time I press the shutter; and a remote just seems so fake! I'd much rather another human look at our moment and judge it as the perfect time to press the shutter (plus the pose below would never work with a remote). So, what's a photographer to do?

I've shown Jenny Kate (Cece's nanny) a thing or two about how to use our cameras, and yesterday our kiddo shoot ended about 10 minutes early! That means, I still had a few minutes to get back home, do a quick clothing change, and hop out into the backyard for a few pics with my baby girl! I'm very thankful for our staff, and their ability to learn and talent in what they do! If you have a great staff as a photographer, reason two from above is a non-issue!

All that blabbing leads up to this... one of my very favorite all-time Cece + Daddy pics!

Talk to you soon,

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