Saturday, October 26, 2013

Big Cedar Wedding of Jamie and Chris

Hey friends!

This wedding was CRAZY!!! It poured down rain almost the entire day! POURED!!! But... I have to say I was completely impressed with Jamie. She handled the entire day with such grace. When her "perfect" wedding location was rained out and she was forced to have it inside at her reception venue, she stayed composed the entire time. The ceremony might not have been in the perfect location but Jamie and Chris knew exactly what a wedding was truly about. It never truly mattered where or when the ceremony took place. They were able to celebrate their love for each other and the start of a new family together whether it rained or shined. To me, this was very touching. I see a lot of brides get upset over the flowers being "wrong" or things not being exactly how they "should". It rained during almost all of Jamie and Chris' wedding day but it was somewhat inspirational to see a couple not be bothered by that at all and just be wanting to celebrate with their friends and family. Here's a few of the incredibly sweet photos Jess and I got of their wedding...

The cake topper might seem funny but they both work for the FBI so it fits perfectly!

This sweet girl decided last minute she would walk with the bride (stepmom)... the bride, of course, had no complaints.

The rain stopped just long enough for us to get the perfect petal leave shot!

Chris' daughter rocked the dance floor! She has certainly got so much personality!

Love this sweet moment to end the night...

~ Lauren

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