Monday, October 21, 2013

Dorothy and Jon's Long Beach Island Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody!

Welcome to Dorothy and Jon's wedding week! If Dorothy looks familiar, and you're from the northeast, it's because she's the host of Celebrity Corner - check out her website here: Dorothy and Jon had a dream wedding on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. It was Mere and my first trip to LBI, and when we saw the location for Dorothy and Jon's wedding we were floored! I can't wait to show you that... tomorrow! Today is filled with portraits of Dorothy and Jon!

Isn't Dorothy like the most stunning thing ever?! Oh.My.

This is more of a sweet moment than a sweet portrait.  And I love it.

Getting a little artsy for this one.  Loving the negative space here.  And loving how in love this couple is.

What to say about this... the way Dorothy and Jon interacted with each other (all day!) made it simple to capture great portraits and moments.

Once we left the beach it was time to head to the ceremony location, where I had stimulation overload with all the gorgeousness our venue had to offer.

I mean really... everywhere I turned was a new fabulous backdrop for portraits.  Photographer heaven?

... yes I think so.

So... I tried not to show much of the details and location in these portraits because I want to save that surprise for tomorrow.  Can't wait to show you!!

Talk to you soon,

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