Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions: 2014

Hey everybody!

I guess I've turned it into somewhat of a tradition to put up my resolutions and goals for the upcoming year on the blog. I find that it totally works to write them down, as opposed to just keeping them in your head. It doesn't have to be public, like this, but that just serves as a little extra motivation for me.

Here are my top three New Years resolutions/goals:

1) Give back. I used to make sure and give back to a charity at least once a month, and have gotten away from that.  I will be doing this again in 2014!  Hold me accountable (and send me your suggestions for worthy charities)!
2) Date night every week with Meredith. This might be hard because we LOVE our family/Cece time.  But I have to remember to keep pursuing my wife. (Definitely send me any fun/cute/interesting date ideas!)
3) Take a day off once a month. If you know me, this will be the hardest of all. I haven't had a real, full day off in... well... I can't remember. I'm tied to my phone/email because I pride myself in being a great communicator and quick responder to Benny brides.  I know that it's important to unplug and refresh from time to time, and I hope to do this in 2014! 

Speaking of resolutions... most people want to get more fit at the start of the year. Our friend Gabby, owner of G-fit, is fabulous at motivating others. Check out her site (images by Benfield Photography!!) here:

Talk to you soon,

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