Friday, November 29, 2013

NOLA Wedding Portraits of Cam and Michelle

Hey everybody!

New Orleans is a dream of a city to photograph! Throw in my gorgeous couple, and I'm in photographer heaven!
When I take a picture of a couple that I'm proud of, I always put myself in their mindset, imagining them saying, "wow... we have this image of us forever." It is such a reward for what we do to know that our clients think of our art as their prized possessions.

Michelle and Cam totally killed it.  Amazing job, you two!

Love the mood and light here!

This one really gets me.  The shot on the right is exactly how I see Michelle and Cam - I was so happy I was able to catch them being themselves!

This was actually taken during their first look, believe it or not.  Pretty much everything these two do together is photo worthy!

Two.Amazing.Locations. LOVE NOLA!

Let's end these posts the way we started--with this super pretty image.

Talk to you soon,

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