Friday, December 20, 2013

Candace and Tim's NW Arkansas Wedding

Hey everybody!

When Candace first contacted me for her wedding she said that we would be fast friends. She was right. From the first time I met her it was as if I'd known her my whole life! She's sweet and personal and inviting. Her wedding was the same! I loved her sweet little details (and hello... Burberry shoes!)

Candace's daughter sang as her mom walked down the aisle.  She didn't warn me... so I cried.

Love this moment!!

I love that kids love to dance. I wish I could be a kid and still get silly! (who am I kidding... I do!)

Maybe my favorite shot of the night... Candace and Tim went to practice their first dance, and I snuck around and shot a few frames. I love that I was able to catch the boy looking on.  So sweet.

And all the practicing paid off.

I've got portraits heading your way tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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