Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabba Live Review: Mere's First Mommy Heartbreak

Hey everybody!

On Sunday, Cece, Mere and I flew to Chicago for family time (and break time), and the first and only actual item on our agenda was to watch Yo Gabba Gabba Live. It was actually the reason we picked Chicago!! It was the 3rd time I'd seen the live show, and the 2nd time I got the VIP package to meet the gang after the show. Last time was when Ellie met the gang (check out that photo collage here).
After the last show, Mere and I were SO excited to bring Cece to see the show. We've raised her on Yo Gabba Gabba, the coolest kid show on Nickelodeon, and own about everything YGG makes. We knew her head would explode when she finally got to meet DJ Lance Rock in person.

The show started and we watched Cece intently as the gang came out on stage. It was as if a movie had started and everybody in the audience was screaming and yelling and our little 11 month old was looking around as if to say, "inside voice... quiet... inside voice... shhhhh" - she wanted to soak up what was going on in front of her. Our seats were great, and they sang all the great hits, mixed in with their newer Christmas and holiday songs. Leslie Hall (Mere's fave) stole the show with her performance, and DJ Lance was generous with the high-fives (we didn't rush the stage from our 5th row seat because I knew that a hug and high-five was in Cece's future with our backstage passes.

But that high-five never came.

After going through the lines of all the YGG characters, we awaited DJ Lance's entrance announcement, meet/greet, and story time like Ellie saw. But the staff made an announcement that the party was over. No DJ Lance. No hug. No high-five. Mere tried to talk to a girl on the staff (especially after Plex told us he was coming in a bit) to let her know we traveled so far, and that DJ Lance was Cece's favorite person besides her family on the entire planet. I think it was her first heartbreak as a mom: wanting something so badly for your child that you have absolutely no control over. As we were leaving the party room, I brought Cece over to the backdrop for story time, and she leaned over and gave DJ Lance's picture a kiss. If you know Cece, she's not one to give kisses freely. Besides Mere and me, the only person she'll kiss is Ellie. While it was super sweet that she planted a wet one on Lance, I think it stung Mere's heart a little, knowing that it would have made Cece's day to meet her little hero.

Talk to you soon,

Our other fun shots from the show:

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