Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crystal Bridges Wedding Details of Alex and Wilson

Hey everybody!

The team at Bates Events are just rockstars. Plain and simple. They have quite the set of eyes for details, they always keep things on schedule (without appearing rushed), and they're so creative! Most importantly, though, they have the same mentality we do at Benfield Photography: take care of your clients no matter what. We all realize that the wedding day is a really special time for our bride and grooms, and that we should do whatever it takes to deliver perfect service to them.  I'd love to keep raving about them, but I know you... you want to see Alex and Wilson's gorgeous wedding details from their Crystal Bridges wedding and reception. 
I don't blame ya.

How STUNNING is Alex? Good grief.

So, this shot wasn't my idea. I'm actually not sure who yelled over my shoulder to the boys, but whatever was said turned into photographic magic.

But as much as this wedding party loved to be silly (I love that), they knew how to be sincere and in the moment (I love that even more!) This moment is so precious to me, as I'm sure it is to Alex and her girls.

This little dude should look familiar to Benfield Blog fans! Jack jack! :)

Such a pleasure to photograph a dream wedding at Crystal Bridges! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see some portraits!

Want a sneak peek? Okay!

Talk to you soon,

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