Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Cece!

Hey everybody!

Can you believe this? 365 days have passed and I haven't broken this baby! Mere and I were talking about Cece today and we're just so in awe of her. She's got a cool little personality, though she can be stubborn when it comes to what she eats (if it's not green beans or squash... good luck--she'll take about 4 bites and that's it). Of course, she has the best smile I've ever seen, has a hilarious laugh, and gives kisses freely to me! Since we've had headbands, bows, and turbans on her since day one, she's pretty accepting of them, which is awesome because I don't have that awkward "is it a boy?" from strangers. Well anyway, I could gush forever about how much I adore this little gift; instead, let me show you a slideshow recapping her first year on the planet!

Talk to you soon,

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