Friday, January 17, 2014

How I Shot Kirsten and Jordan's Proposal in Jackson Hole, WY

Hey everybody!

It was our first full day in Jackson Hole, WY, and Meredith, Jordan, and I knew something Kirsten didn't: She was getting engaged today. We were set to go on a safari in the Grand Tetons and National Elk Refuge, and Mere had a secret phone conversation with our guide before we left. During that conversation it was determined that there would be a signal... a code word... that would set the plan into action. Hundreds of elk, moose, big horned sheep, and bison (not buffalo) later, it was time.

I never get nervous when I shoot. Ever. I photograph weddings and special events and proposals all the time. But let me be honest... I got butterflies in my stomach when our safari guide said the code word: panoramic pictures.

Acting nonchalant as we were making tracks in the snow, but trying to get into the perfect position, I distanced myself from K+J and put the Tetons behind them. This situation is a great example of how Meredith and I can work together without speaking a word (years of doing this every weekend totally set us up for success!), because we were silent in our approach and were able to capture the moment. And then I heard it: Kirsten made a sound (Mere and I can't come up with a name for the noise she made, but of course it was TOTALLY ADORABLE - we later found out that Jordan had said, "Kirsten..." which he only does when he's mad at Kirsten or has something important to say. Apparently, this clued her in to what was going on). I couldn't hear what Jordan was saying, but I did see Jordan drop to a knee through my lens. From that point on I was a snapping mess, and loving it!

Shooting moments is what I love to do, and doing this for my best friends was such an honor and a pleasure! I love seeing our friends so happy!

SNEAK PEEK! We're going to show some more pictures tomorrow (Saturday) from a little engagement session we did in Jackson Hole! Yay!

Talk to you soon,

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