Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jackson Hole Engagement Portraits of Kirsten and Jordan

Hey everybody!

Staying at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole, WY, is pretty legit. I don't say this to brag on us by any means... I say it to brag on them.  They loaned us a Mercedes SUV for the day while we were there to go exploring.  Like, for free. Nothing is free, but a Mercedes at the Four Seasons is... apparently... free.  Anyway...

We pulled into the Grand Teton National Park to find a cool backdrop for pictures, and to test our survival skills in the elements of nature, and found ourselves having quite the adventure.  As I pulled the car over to the side of a snow-covered road, I asked Kirsten to get out and "just go right over there and do this {as I strike a pose}," and she did what she was told... until she sank into three feet of snow. 

I'm not lying!  It was hilarious, but I also wanted her to not-die, so I had her come back to safe land to pose instead.

The wind was a bit chilly, and it was below freezing temps, but we were on a mission! It's not every day you are in one of the most scenic places on the earth with one of the most sweetest and amazing couples! 

Probably the cutest engagement picture I've ever taken.

It was SNOWING! That obviously didn't stop us from shooting in downtown Jackson Hole on the square. So charming!

During our adventures...

I love the way girls can look at boys. ((sigh...))

Snuggly cuddly time! The funny thing about this picture is that just off-camera was a watch-out-for-bears sign.  I think it said something like, "be bear aware"  I think it should have read, "be bear-y aware."  Hahaha!

Love these friends!

We ended by being a little silly, as we often are.

So, that's it for installment one of Kirsten and Jordan's engagements.  We have a couple cute ideas for other shoots with our best buds in the future! Get ready!

Talk to you soon,

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