Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Katie and Ethan's Fayetteville Engagement Portraits

Hey everybody!

I find it really touching when sisters both use Benfield Photography for their weddings. You see, most sisters go out of their way to use DIFFERENT vendors, venues, etc. than their sisters when planning their wedding. While Katie is planning a different location and vendors than her lovely sister Allison, one thing will be the same: US! Yay!! It's such an honor! Obviously, their pictures won't be the same - I could shoot every day of the year and not give a client the same thing, it's just nice to have our clients notice that!

Katie is such a sweet heart! From the first time I met her she has been such a little darling, which is obviously true of all the Waldrip sisters. I couldn't be more excited for her Fall November wedding!

Talk to you soon,

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