Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cece: 13 Months!

Hey everybody!

Today, Cece is 13 months. Or, a year-and-a-month if you don't like people saying ages in months. Or, 396 days if you don't like either of those. Heehee! This kid can walk (when she wants), feed herself (when she wants), gives sweet kisses (when she wants) and entertains herself (when she wants... get the theme here?). She loves touching EVERYTHING, and has started climbing up stuff, which makes her mother a nervous wreck. But she's still as happy as ever, and I still (as of today) have the magic touch and can make her laugh anytime I want, which is often. Here's a shoot and candids we took of the babe a few days ago... (thanks to dropitMODERN for the backdrops!)

Talk to you soon,

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