Friday, February 21, 2014

Ellie a Masterchef Jr?

Hey everybody!

This kid never ceases to amaze me. A while back, we posted this kids cooking video of her on youtube and it got all sorts of hits. Well, the casting team at Masterchef Jr contacted me via phone and email to say they loved the video and thought Ellie would be great for the show.

My response: so... she'd get to meet Gordon Ramsay?
Haha! My priorities!

As excited as she was (and she was WAY excited), after we filmed a new video that was a little more advanced (the plating of which I've included below - the full video had her cooking and confessional portions), she decided not to compete in the kids' cooking competition. Is she crazy?

No, she's mature. She had been working to make the competition dance team at her studio, and this year she got selected to prepare a duet, and would have to miss her competitions. She knew it wouldn't be fair to her partner that she committed to, and wanted to follow through on her dream. Again, this kid constantly amazes me. Oh, I love her so, and don't know if I could ever be more proud of her for making such a mature decision.

Talk to you soon,

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